We are thrilled to announce our 2015 fall pop-up boutique schedule! MFO will visit ten schools between October and December and outfit 20-30 handpicked students at each one. This year we are focused on building the girls' self-esteem through an extended and enriched curriculum so they have the confidence to preform better in school.

  1. October 8: Morton School of Excellence, 99.2% low-income 
  2. October 8: Dodge Renaissance Academy, 96% low-income
  3. October 14: Milwaukee School of Languages
  4. October 28: Simpson Academy for Young Women, 100% low-income
  5. October 29: Casals School of Excellence, 97.7% low-income
  6. November 4: Orr Academy High School, 94.2% low-income
  7. November 13: Butler College Prep, 94% low-income
  8. November 18: McNair School of Excellence, 98.5% low-income
  9. December 4: Irving Washington Middle School, 87.7% low-income 
  10. December 17: John Hancock College Prep, 93.1% low-income

If you are interested in volunteering at a pop-up boutique please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also donate to fund transportation to and from schools. Every dollar counts!