In our last two pop-ups we experienced a couple of firsts - our first time in a Milwaukee Public School and our first time in a school for teenage mothers. Every school we go into has a different vibe. Some groups of girls are high-energy while others are more reserved, and we never know which one we're walking into. 

When we work with a group that's more reserved it's hard not to think that they're not enjoying the experience. Luckily, that's not the case! At Milwaukee School of Languages the girls started out quiet but towards the end clothes were flying. They also opened up about their dreams to go to college, their home life (11th grader Jada has 5 bothers!), and what they're most proud of (getting a good grade in math). 

Our 7th pop-up was at Simpson Academy for Young Women, which prepares, educates, and empowers teenage mothers. The girls were so excited to show us pictures of their children and said they're most proud of being good mothers. We brought maternity clothes to outfit the five girls who are currently pregnant, and they looked absolutely radiant! The best part was when 12th grader Zakeya asked if we can come back every week. 

Between the two pop-ups, 150 items of clothing were donated to 31 girls. 

Zaharia showing us pictures of her daughter.

Zaharia showing us pictures of her daughter.