These last three weeks have been a whirlwind. We were looking for a way to re-structure the pop-ups and decided to test out our own version of Supermarket Showdown, or shopping showdown, as we now call it. Incorporating the game was a genius move! Girls who would have otherwise been hesitant to participate now had a reason to let their guards down. The game groups girls into teams of 3-4 so the focus is on winning and offsets any feeling of self-consciousness. It's also an easy way to have the girls practice team building skills and get to know each other. 

Pop-up # 8: Orr High School
Girls: 25
Donated Items: 92
Highlight: Our two volunteers had the best energy! They stepped up right away and knew how to talk to the girls to make them feel comfortable and safe. 12th grader Karlene felt connected enough to share that 'she loves the person she is becoming.' 

Pop-up # 9: Butler College Prep
Girls: 19
Donated Items: 96
Highlight: 11th grader Shanice asked if we can come again. She was an incredibly respectful, caring, and observant young lady. She added, "No one made you come here. It was so nice of you to do this for us." **Heart melting** 

Pop-up # 10: McNair Elementary School
Girls: 17
Donated Items: 96
Highlight: The school staff decorated the gym for our pop-up with pink balloons, goody bags, and treats. So sweet and unexpected! During sharing time, when everyone goes around and says things they're proud of, answers varied from good grades, to singing ability, to liking spicy foods. Not exactly the point, but we like spicy food too!