What an amazing year it's been, and we feel so lucky to end it on a high note at our last two pop-ups. Our 11th pop-up took place at Washington Irving Elementary where we dressed and inspired 28 girls to be their best selves. Our 12th and final pop-up of the year at John Hancock College Prep was one for the books. The girls were positive and beautiful and nearly brought us to tears when they expressed such gratitude for the experience. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the day: 

"I felt very appreciated and I felt very grateful that people can do such things for others." - 12th grader Noemi
"Today was special for me because I got clothes that I can't afford in stores. I think its wonderful." - 12th grader Judith 

Between the two pop-ups, 46 students took home 382 pieces of donated clothing. 

If you believe in the work we're doing please consider a making a donation during this holiday season.