I had the pleasure of sitting down with fashion bloggers Erica Ellis and Kelsey Rubin from Sequins are a Girl’s Best Friend. The two women first met in college, but it wasn’t until a chance encounter two years later that sparked their friendship. "It was best friends from hello!" Erica exclaimed, and six months later their fashion blog was born. Originally, a creative outlet for the two women, it turned into a diary to show others how to dress well on a budget. From overcoming their fears, to touching on what giving back means to them, Erica and Kelsey are truly Women Who Inspire Us!

1.     What has been your favorite moment while working on your blog? Was there a breakthrough moment when you knew it was officially a success?

Erica: It was our one year anniversary when I started to write a [blog] post, and then I started crying! It had turned into so much more than a blog.

Kelsey: Two months after starting the blog, a fan recognized us at a Corner Bakery. Later, we went to the Simple Stylist event and there were people from all across the country who recognized us! 

2.     What was one of your biggest fears as you launched Sequins? How did you overcome it?

K: Judgment from other people. I was afraid and I was embarrassed. I asked myself, what are we doing? What’s our end goal? I was used to seeing an immediate result and that doesn’t come easily when starting a blog. Eventually, we started to see positive feedback!

E: Exactly. And Kelsey keeps me going! If I don’t do my part, I feel like I’m letting her down.

3.     What does confidence mean to you? How does clothing provide you with confidence? 

K: Confidence to me is being happy and proud of the person I am. Clothes help me present myself in that way.

E: Confidence is what makes me proud. I exude it internally and externally. What I put on and wear is part of who I am. It shows what I’m feeling on the inside, on the outside.

4.     Do you have a female role model? What have you learned from her?

E: My mom and my sister. They told me to go for it and you’ll deal with the consequences later! It’s always in the back of my mind when we make risky decisions on the blog. My sister is very driven and levelheaded, so I’m always thinking of the two.

K: My mom has taught me, if you work hard you’ll get exactly what you want! I see that happening. You can look good no matter how much something costs. She loves a clearance deal more than me!

5.     What is your favorite outfit to wear? How does it make you feel when you wear it?

E: My favorite outfit is any two pieces that mix business and pleasure. Think boyfriend blazer and classic button up, or pencil skirt and t-shirt. This low effort, high impact duo makes for an effortlessly stylish look that makes me feel confident in the boardroom and sexy on a date. A win-win in my books! 

K: My favorite outfit is a basic white shirt and jeans. It's one of my favorite go-to's that always make me feel comfortable and confident, without having to try too hard. I love the embellishments on these jeans (pictured below), which make them feel a little more special than any other pair. The leopard heels and hot pink accessories add a little fun and help me to stand out!

6.      Provide one piece of advice for young women who want to find a job they love as much as you do!

E: Hard work will pay off. Keep working hard. Never stop dreaming!

K: Walk into a job like you are the best candidate out there. If you’re walking in with confidence, if you’re presenting yourself in that way, anyone will see that.

7.     Why do you think it’s important to give back to the community?

K: If feels good to help other people. I can see how happy you are [points at me!] and I want to feel that. It’s important to help other people. It’s easy to take for granted a lot of things you have. It’s important to give back to people who need more things than we do.

E: It goes back to the confidence thing. It makes me feel good inside. I fulfilled a need I didn’t know I had.

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