Third grader Jaelyn stole my heart. Jaelyn started off the school year with a D in math class and worked her butt off to get it up to an A by the time I met her in June. She, along with 15 other hard-working students, were the ‘deserving girls’ (a term their teacher used) who attended our fourth pop-up at Irving Elementary School. From Jaelyn, to future fashionista Bosnia, to self-proclaimed tomboy Rimari, each and every girl had a blast picking out clothes that made her feel confident and motivated to reach for the stars. 

At both pop-ups, I’ve found it’s getting more difficult to limit the number of clothes we give to each girl at just six pieces. I find myself giving into them if they find 8 (or in one case, 15!) pieces that they just can’t leave without. Makayla, a seventh grader at Gary Comer Middle School on Chicago’s south side, arrived late to our third pop-up. She lucked out with a personalized 1 on 5 shopping experience, which suited her soft-spoken personality. 

None of the work My Favorite Outfit does in schools to inspire students to keep working hard would be possible without the support of my friends, family, and community. To celebrate and raise funds for future pop-ups, we hosted a Sunset Over the City charity event with Live Life Chicago. Thank you to the 100+ people who came out to celebrate with us. The pictures say it all.