Leontina Richardson is well-spoken, outgoing, approachable, and has a way of making you feel immediately at ease. It is no wonder that at just 29 she has created a flourishing etiquette consulting firm – Stepping into Etiquette - with a special focus on teaching young ladies about modern manners. 

“From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to inspire people—and especially girls—the way that my mother did,” said Leontina. Today Leontina’s business boasts an impressive client list ranging from Chicago Public Schools, to Girl Scouts, to a handful of universities and is growing. However, as many stories go, the road to Leontina’s success was not clear cut. 

After college Leontina dabbled in a number of jobs ranging from real estate to part owner of a graphic design company. “I kept ignoring my gift,” she revealed. “Which I now recognize as my ability to inspire others, to make people laugh while teaching a subject like etiquette, and to approach a microphone without fear!”

The idea to start her etiquette company sparked after she hosted an etiquette workshop for girls at her local church. One girl who attended called her after dinner that night because another young lady didn’t put her napkin on her lap and wasn’t using proper table manners. “I almost cried because it showed that these girls had really listened to me,” said Leontina. From that moment on, Leontina quit her corporate job and hasn’t looked back.  

She believes that to do anything right you need to be confident, which starts with healthy self-knowledge. “To be really self-aware, you must confront your weaknesses as well as your strengths.” Today, she works with clients so they can step into any situation with grace and confidence. 

Leontina’s Favorite Outfit
Pencil skirtcrisp blousepumpspearls

“I absolutely love pencil skirts—they make me feel sexy, confident, and beautiful.”

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