Our 15th pop-up boutique took place at Carl Sandburg Middle School in Mundelein, IL. The girls were so fun to work with, and we felt like we really got through to them on a deeper level. The group was made up of 18 7th and 8th graders who took home 50 new shirts, 18 pairs of pants, and a combined 49 dresses, pieces of jewelry, and outerwear. 7th grader Bernice said the experience made her feel better and more confident in herself! 

Bernice wasn't the only one happy with the pop-up. The school principal, Mark Pilut, said, "My Favorite Outfit was a huge success. The girls served walked out with at least one special outfit. Not to mention the confidence building activities the organization worked through with our students! How cool to know that these kids will put on an outfit sometime soon and think to themselves...'Yeah, I look, I feel, I am strong and beautiful!' How many of us think this when we know we are looking good!"