Our student ambassadors from Columbia College  blow us away every day! Student ambassadors are volunteers from colleges around the country. The program gives college students an opportunity to empower at-risk youth through fashion, fundraising, and volunteerism to help fulfill MFO's mission.

One of the many fundraising opportunities they host are MFO clothing swaps. Clothing swaps allow girls to swap out items they no longer wear for clothing from their friends' closets. Unclaimed items are then donated to MFO. Here's a take form a couple of our Columbia ladies from their first swap: 

"For a couple college girls studying fashion, clothes are kind of a big deal. So when one of the ladies mentioned hosting our very own MFO clothing swap, we were all on board.

From the snacks and music to the clothes and conversation, the evening was perfect! All of us brought pieces of clothing and accessories that we were tired of wearing or of seeing in our closets. First, we drew numbers to decide who got to pick clothes first. Once everyone had a turn to browse, we all started to try stuff on. All the items that were left over were donated!

No one left empty handed. Even our hosts roommates decided to share some of their own pieces that they couldn’t leave to one another. We are all so glad we got to share this night together and be a part of My Favorite Outfit's cause. We can’t wait to learn more and spread the love and positivity that MFO has already sparked!"

-Savanah White

"This was such a great fundraiser! We not only got to know the whole MFOSA team better, but it also was something that was fun and productive. It was really a blast!"

-Joslyn DeNorio