McNair School of Excellence 

As a new member at My Favorite Outfit, this year I was able to lead two amazing pop-up workshops in the Northwest side of Chicago. My first workshop took place at McNair School of Excellence which consisted of a group of 22 incredible students! From the moment the girls walked in I was able to feel their great energy and enthusiasm to begin the workshop. It made me feel at ease and excited to get to know them as I quickly saw they had such charismatic and sociable personalities.

With the help of 10 amazing volunteers from EDrop-Off, we were able to bring the girls together to talk about their accomplishments this school year. It was an amazing feeling to see the students smile as they shared their educational as well as their personal goals they had set prior to our arrival. They were definitely on a roll and were not shy to share at all! At the end of our activities, when asked what they liked most about our workshop 6th grader Deoniah said, "What I enjoyed most was the fun games we played. I got to meet and connect with you. I really enjoyed it!" 

Piccolo School of Excellence 

Piccolo Elementary School at a MFO Pop-Up Boutique on Dec 12, 2016

Piccolo Elementary School at a MFO Pop-Up Boutique on Dec 12, 2016

The second workshop I was was able to lead, took place at Piccolo School of Excellence. Here the group consisted of 28 students. Not only did this mean the activities were going to be 10X crazier but also 10X more fun! As soon as we got down to our “shopping show-down” activity, where the girls were given a theme they had to dress according to a theme (e.g. Christmas party, concert, dinner) things got interesting and very wild! The girls automatically applied team work strategies to help one another find an outfit and put together a style that spoke to their own personality. They each had 10 minutes to find everyone in their group an outfit and be back with their stylist before the "fashion show" began. 

It was great seeing the students work together as a team as well as apply their goals they had worked on during the school year. Many students created goals such as being patient, or being kind and to see that unfold as they were working together in group activities was amazing! 

As a new member of the team, I am so excited to be a part of My Favorite Outfit! Not only does it allow me to interact with the students but also allows me to teach about issues such as low self-esteem, self expression, and the importance of finding their own personal style. 


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