Confidence starts in the mind. It is a powerful tool that can affect how well you perform in an interview for your dream job, how solid your presentation was in class, or how others first perceive you. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish it all starts with you believing in yourself. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the term “faking it”, but there are ways to ensure you emulate confidence even if you’re not the most extroverted person in the room.

Here are 5 quick tips that always help stand out and be my best self:

1. Strike a Power Pose

Did you know that your posture can affect your mood? You’re more likely to feel and act more confidently if you’re sitting up straight or standing tall.

2. Radiate Positive Vibes

You have the power to control what crosses through your mind. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones because your mind can be your best asset when you want things to go your way. Sometimes envisioning a positive outcome is all you need to make it happen.  

3. Dress for Success

Make a statement and wear an outfit that makes you feel confident. If your favorite dress or lucky pair of earrings makes you feel like you can conquer the world then by all means wear them on the reg.

4. Reflect

Remember a time when you felt most confident? Tap into that memory and get back into the groove of things.

5. Most of All, Be Yourself

It’s important to love the skin you’re in because it makes you unique! It’s exhausting trying to be someone you’re not, and you’re perfect just the way you are.