1. What inspired you to start Tiffany Fulcher Enterprises?
I was really inspired by the questioning of other women. Those who were friends and even those who didn’t have strong relationships with me often asked about how I started a company with my spouse. I was inspired by their desire to open companies of their own and I wanted offer whatever resources I could to help them transition.

2. In a nutshell, what is your company’s mission?
Our mission is to provide training and development to women entrepreneurs starting or growing businesses. We want to eliminate barriers to starting or growing as by providing expertise, training ,  sound advice from experienced industry professionals. Our sole mission is to equip women with the necessary tools they need to become profitable with a purpose.

3. What was your biggest fear as you launched the company?
Honestly, just being taken seriously. I had worked the background of a company I owned with my spouse for so long, I think at moments I doubted my own value.  I wanted what I had to offer to be authentic. I suffered somewhat from the imposter syndrome. How did you overcome it? - I remember sitting down with a mentor and really looking over all of my skills, both professional and personal, along with my experiences and gifts. It all shined a real light on what I had to offer others and how I could utilize my experiences to impact and impart change in the lives of other women. That value add stretched far beyond money which gave me a strong sense of confidence and foundation for moving forward.

4. Describe the breakthrough moment when you knew your company was a success.
I’ve had a lot of breakthrough moments to speak. I can’t say any of them have really been THE moment… I am still growing so much as a business and I am really focused on outcomes and goals. Success to be is really defined by my ability to place real value of the type of life I am living. The fact that I am touching women all over the nation, the world even and inspiring them with my own experiences and I can still manage to be at home when my little ones get out of school that is success to me. That’s not really a moment, that for me a lifestyle.

5. You said that people are naturally drawn to you for business advice. What do you think draws them in?
The authenticity of my experiences. I work with a lot of women who are mothers running small businesses from homes, coffee shops, private offices, out of their They need real, practical, wisdom on how to manage customer relationships, vendors, sales, and marketing all while diaper changing. These are things I have done. I’ve been in the trenches so I am really speaking from a place of experience, not to mention I’ve taken risks and failed. I want to help someone mitigate the risk, I don’t want them repeating the mistakes I’ve already made. Authenticity sets each of us apart and it really is the draw for most people. Passion evolves from authenticity and people can sense that whether they say it or not.

6. How has helping others - both through work and outside of work – impacted you?
Helping others has impacted my life in a major way. It gives me a true sense of purpose and direction. It sharpens me and it creates a deep sense of humility at the same time. We can’t be the person we are truly created to be if we neglect our brothers and sisters. Our lives, experiences good and bad, failures and successes are all for the bettering of other people.

7. Can you provide 1 time-saving tip for our readers who are trying to balance life, work, kids, and more?
Focus your energy on what matters most every single day. I am often asked about balancing life, kids, work, a lot of people say it can’t be done but I somewhat disagree. It is sacrificial I can say that but anything with value or worth having always is. When you marginalize your efforts, you are far more productive. The key is to find the productivity zone and stay there, that may mean you aren’t on social media because you are spending that time with kids, or you are extremely productive during your working hours because you want to have drinks with your spouse later in the evening. When you set your energy towards outcomes it makes all the difference.

8. What three key characteristics do you believe someone needs to start his or her own business? Perseverance, integrity, and amiable. You will need fortitude to push you through, there will be a lot of wanting to give up because its not nearly as easy as it looks. You should be a person of integrity and character, if you fail to do this it will catch up to you quickly. Especially in today’s market where everyone is so interconnected. Be amiable, easy to get along with and likeable, it you don’t like people going into business for yourself is probably not the best move for you. Relationships are everything when growing a business and if you neglect them you will be out of business quickly.

9. Do you believe clothing has the power to increase a woman’s confidence?
Absolutely!!! I love beautiful clothing, there’s a certain level of confidence that you exude when you are dressed well. Clothing speaks before you do, it draws others and it gives them some insight to you as a person. I remember being really well dressed for an event where I really wanted to speak but was asked to be more of a host (which wasn’t bad ). I knew that I wanted to make an impression for the potential the following year, turns out I was hosting for one of the coordinators and she asked why I wasn’t speaking for the event. I told her I really wanted to and she well you look the part, we have to get you on the schedule for next year. My confidence shined through and spoke for me.

10. Please include anything else you would like our readers to know.
Don’t be afraid to take risks. Without risk there is no reward. You don’t have to know it all to get started, you just have to know you need to get started. Use the resources available to you 9-10 years ago when I went into business with my spouse we were seeking out advice and it was sometimes difficult to find. Now, there is far more availability take full advantage of it when you can.