Pictures and highlights from our last five pop-up boutiques. Enjoy. 

April 6, 2016: KIPP Ascend Primary School

The day started out with a bit of a scare when the assistant principal called and said there was a shooting outside of the school and the building is on lockdown. Unfortunately, these things happen all of the time she said. We were nervous that upon hearing the news our volunteer stylists from Brideside would understandably cancel, and we couldn't shake how close the shooting happened to the students. An hour later the assistant principal called back with the all clear and we, along with our volunteers, made our way to KIPP. It was a gift to provide the girls with our pop-up and a safe, empowering environment in the middle of a tragedy. 

March 23, 2016: Tilden Career Community Academy

20 students were selected to attend the pop-up at Tilden based on good grades and positive attitudes. 12th grader Deasianae has straight A's this semester, 10th grader Lexis works well with other students, and Destiny has the most improved grades. However, we also opened up this pop-up to students who need an extra boost of confidence. One student was recently placed away from her family and another lost everything in a fire. We feel so grateful that we can give students the support who need it most. 

March 16, 2016: Rudyard Kipling Elementary School

The students were instantly drawn to our very special guest and volunteer, Jess Keys of The Golden Girl blog. Jess helped the 26 girls pick out and style 149 articles of donated clothing! 8th grader Alex Wiliams shared, "Today was special for me because I feel rewarded, and it was something out of my comfort zone, and I just liked it!" 

March 9, 2016: Young Women's Leadership Charter School

We had the pleasure of partnering with The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for our March 9th pop-up. The Fed has a long standing history with YWLCS, and the three of us worked together to create an unforgettable pop-up for participating students. The Fed provided 12 volunteers so every single student had individualized attention throughout the day. It was such a success, that moving forward, we're going to increase the number of volunteers from 2 to 10+. 

Volunteer opportunities are available through the end of June and make for a great employee engagement opportunity. You can view all of our volunteer dates here

March 2, 2016: Jungman Elementary School

'Today was special for me because I got to see myself in a different way, express myself, and see what I like,' said Bianca Washington, an 8th grade at the school. That's what we like to hear! Our mission is for every girl to learn to express herself as an individual and to use that new found voice to be confident in everything that she does.