Meet Alexis Wolfer, the woman redefining beauty.

1. Tell us a little more about what you do at TheBeautyBean?
I started in 2009 as a place for women to get their lifestyle content in a positive and empowering way, without the usual media pressure to attain unrealistic beauty ideals. I still oversee everything, but these days I’m super lucky to have a great group of contributors who lend their expertise as well.

2. What might your work routine include?
Every day is different! Some days it’s lots of writing and research, other days I’m hosting TV segments or doing book signings. Some days I’m in sweatpants at the UPS store sending products to our contributors to test out and going thru all the samples were sent to us.

3. What inspired you to start TheBeautyBean?
I think the ultimate human right is the right to love and respect your own body. When you don’t, it becomes infinitely harder to ask others to treat you with that love and respect. I also think that media has a responsibility to treat their readers with love and respect. Media should empower women to live healthy/happy lives, not to make them feel shitty about themselves in order to sell things. I wanted to create a platform that spoke to women smartly, that empowered women to make the best choices for them, that said no to photoshop, that told women they are beautiful just the way they are, made sure to never tell a woman she needed something in order to be worthy/happy/pretty/etc, and that was subtly designed to prevent eating disorders and promote confidence.

4. Who is your key audience when it comes to TheBeautyBean? Is it for all women?
We speak primarily to women and girls, but we have lots of content that’s gender neutral. Unfortunately, females receive far more messages telling them they’re not good enough as they are – we’re trying to counter that.

5. What is the biggest challenge you face when curating content for TheBeautyBean?
Not spending all our time shit-talking weight loss companies ;)

6. What's the most rewarding part of what you do?
Reader feedback! We hear from our readers all the time about how makes them feel. There’s nothing better than that.

7. What makes TheBeautyBean different from all other online content?
We are the only feminist beauty site. We are predicated on the notion that all women are beautiful exactly as they are. We don’t purport to know what’s best for you, but we do give you the information so you can make the best decisions for you. We don’t believe that you have to make women feel badly about themselves in order to sell them things. We empower. And we don’t cover anything weight loss related (because really your weight means nothing!).

8. Can you give any advice about following your passion and making dreams become a reality?
The world needs more people who follow their passions. Spend time figuring out what lights your soul on fire (not just the mission, but also the tasks). When you find that thing, you’ll find that there is a world of people who will conspire to help you achieve it. Passionate energy is contagious and everyone wants a piece of it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! What’s the worst that can happen!?

9. Can you describe your personal style?
My go-to outfit is ripped jeans, a burnout t-shirt, lots of layered gold jewelry and Toms so beat up they have holes in them. That said, my closet is packed with clothes (most of which I’ve had for well over 10 years) that range from boho-chic to city-black (all of which I wear!). I fully embrace dressing for my mood.

10. Has fashion ever impacted your confidence in a positive way?
Of course! I think fashion allows you to tell the world something about yourself before you ever open your mouth – whether the message is that you’ve got an incredible eye for detail or that you’re just too smart to care about clothes, your choice is always saying something. When I need an extra boost of confidence in a professional setting, I put on high heels. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear them that often, maybe it’s because I’m 5’10” barefooted, but they always make me feel just a little more in charge!