Isabelle Adler, a senior from Highland Park High School, recently volunteered for her first time at one of our pop-up boutiques at Bowen High School. She kindly shared her delightful experience with us at My Favorite Outfit!

"For my first time volunteering for a pop-up boutique, I really had no idea what to expect. As we drove to the school, many thoughts raced through my mind: What kind of people would be there? How would I interact with the girls? However, I firmly reminded myself that I needed to simply enjoy the day and let it unfold without any expectations. 

Upon arriving, we were greeted by Ms. Brown, a kind, joyful teacher from Bowen High School. Within seconds of talking with her, my mind eased. I knew my decision to volunteer had clearly been the right choice to make that day. As we set up the “pop-up,” I could hardly contain my excitement! We started by organizing clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry, creating a real live boutique vibe.

Once the stage was set, the girls arrived and formed a circle in the room. Everyone had to take turns saying their names and something that they liked about themselves or had accomplished that week. As we went around the circle, I started getting a feel for the wonderful personalities that surrounded me. They were proud, happy, and exuberant young ladies that found positivity in all aspects of their lives! They approached every activity in the workshop with a smile and their joy radiated throughout the entire event! I heard them exclaim how beautiful they felt when they found the perfect outfit and how it seemed all of their hard work had come to something fun and good. It was a reward just witnessing the girls' pride in their hard work and style.

It's days such as these where I really take a moment to realize how lucky I am to have a closet to put a new shirt in. My experience was not only heart warming but unforgettable. Needless to say, I can not wait to volunteer at my next pop-up boutique!"