In the midst of the heat, it's easy to take the warmer months for granted and forget about that summer bucket list you made back in March. Losing motivation to exercise, binging your favorite Netflix show, or finding that your Pinterest summer board has fallen to the wayside-- being content shouldn't mean being complacent. While it's difficult to maintain momentum during these hot summer days, here are some ideas to push you out of your daily routine and back on track! 

1. Try Something New

It's time to branch out. If you're in Chicago, spend your night at a free movie in the park, sign up for local art classes, or work your way through Eater's restaurant heat map. Whatever it is, get to it! 

2. Small Acts of Kindness

Try to perform a random act of kindness everyday. Whether it's taking a friend to lunch or complimenting a stranger, making others feel good also makes you feel good about yourself. Happiness is contagious. Doing your part to spread it is a way to improve your own well being.

3. Revamp Your Style

Mix up your wardrobe with bright and colorful hues by hosting a clothing swap. If you’re use to wearing neutrals and subtle tones, make a splash with colors you don’t usually go for. Wear colors that highlight your eyes and cuts that accentuate your figure. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things builds confidence. Get excited about acquiring new skills in the fashion department!