Now that the new year's resolutions hype has settled down, you may feel that you are wavering with the goals you've set. It's discouraging to set goals and feel you're not accomplishing them. While hitting the gym is always an excellent resolution, try something a bit more unique and fun. Feel accomplished and productive with these easy-to-do New Year's resolutions:

  1. Set a goal to clean around your home. It may sound like a chore, but if you get in the habit of cleaning everyday it becomes routine. It can be as simple as making up your bed every morning, putting away the dishes before bed, or folding the laundry once it's done. Keeping your home decluttered keeps your mind feeling clean and will give you a little sense of accomplishment every day. You'll feel more fulfilled setting and achieving smaller goals on a daily basis.
  2. Make reading a habit this year. Catch up on all the books you've procrastinated on and finally finish them! Explore a new genre, read the paper in the morning, or pick up some poetry.  Finishing a good book is always a reward within itself. It's also a good way to exercise the brain.
  3. Use your down time to develop a new hobby. Brush up on your painting and sewing skills or pick up an easy instrument. It'll be a self-explorative experience. Learning about your hidden talents is a good boost for your self-esteem. 
  4.  Set aside a night each week to learn a new, healthy recipe. Go as far as prepping meals for the whole week. Practice fueling your body with smarter, healthier foods so you feel good and positive all year long. 
  5. Finally, the best goal you can set for yourself this year is to learn to give time and energy to the right people. Give your love to those who reciprocate and appreciate it. Surround yourself with positive people who boost your self-esteem. Help empower people that empower you to keep yourself on track for 2017.