Meet one of Chicago's trendiest interior designers, Donna Mondi. From sky rises to suburban homes,  Donna Mondi Interior Designs brings chic and classic to the table in any space. Donna's passion has led her to be named one of the "Best 15 Interior Designers in Chicago." We wanted to find out what keeps this inspiring woman on top in her field:

1. What's the most exciting change happening in the interior design industry?
I’m so lucky that the industry I chose is constantly changing! I love the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends and design resources. This keeps me continually motivated. Work never feels tedious or repetitive to me. Interior design is going in a more decadent, eclectic direction where colors, patterns, and textures are far more dynamic than they were 5 to 10 years ago.

2. What inspired you to get into the industry? Was it always a dream of yours?
I didn’t realize it was my dream until I was about 30. Looking back though, I was destined for it. As a little girl, I was obsessed with my dollhouse and would redecorate it constantly. It even had working light fixtures thanks to my engineer father!

3. Tell me about DMID’s mission. 
Create beauty. Provide value. Elevate my design team. Inspire young designers.

4. How does your personal style influence your work?
It runs through everything I do. With every project, I take cues from the architecture of the space and the clients’ tastes and lifestyles. From there, it’s a blend of intuition from my years of experience combined with my exposure to design inspiration from around the world. I can translate my personal style in so many different ways which is far more exciting than replicating the same look over and over.

5. Do you have a special outfit that you wear to feel empowered/confident? What is it?
Heels! Like Victoria Beckham says, “I can’t concentrate in flats."

6. When do you feel most confident? 
When I’m prepared and in my own wheelhouse. I can ROCK what I know. If I don’t feel like an expert in something, I don’t try to seem like one.

7. What/Who inspires you in your work? 
From a design aesthetic, Kelly Wearstler and Jean Louis Denoit are my favorites. They are polar opposites though; so I find myself somewhere in between the two. In life, my
husband inspires me every day to be a better person, better leader, and better businesswoman.

8. What fulfills you outside of designing and DMID? 
Working out has been a big part of my life for the past 25 years. I work with a trainer twice a week, run occasionally, and do yoga to quiet my mind.

9. What advice would you give to young girls who want to find their dream job?
It’s never been easier to create a life that’s centered around your passion. There are hundreds of careers that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Find the best people in the field and learn everything you can about them. Stalk them on social media, interact with them on Instagram, and when you're ready to strike...make sure you stand out! Create a custom “logo” of your name and use it on a hand written card. Follow up with a call or email. It’s all about getting noticed. The ones who want it the most always find a way to get through. That’s what our last intern did, and it worked for her!