Last Friday, we had a great visit at Jungman Elementary School located in Chicago’s Southside!

As soon as we arrived to Jungman Elementary, the staff welcomed us with great energy. A big thanks to Mr. Serrano, Ms. Josephine Paez – Martinez, and Luz Cuadrado, without their help the workshop would not have been such a success

The students gathered into small groups with fellow 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and their volunteer stylists. Together, as a team they were able to dig deep on issues such as self-esteem, building confidence and creating their most authentic self. Learning about these topics not only allowed them to understand the importance of having a positive self-esteem, but also allowed them to fully embrace their style while walking down the runway!

We want to take a moment again to thank the staff for allowing us to visit the students at Jungman Elementary School. We also want to extend our gratitude to our lovely volunteers at Groupon! You did a great job helping the students find an outfit that represented their own style while making them feel confident and beautiful!

Groupon Volunteers at Jungman Elementary School 

Groupon Volunteers at Jungman Elementary School