1. Clothing Swap

Throwing away clothes from your recent spring cleaning? Think again! Grab your girlfriends and host a clothing swap. It’s a fun way to spice up your wardrobe without spending a dime. Quality friend time is always included!

2. Recipe Swap

Let’s try something new! Give your taste buds a kick. Swap recipes with your close friends to try foods you would never think to eat. You could come out with a new favorite meal. We can assure that you are in for a treat.

3. Movie Night

Grab the popcorn! Whether it be a new release or an all-time favorite movie, a movie night is a great way to huddle your friends together for a night in.

4. Game Night

Game night brings about some major laughter! Pick a few card or board games to play with your friends for a night of fun.

5. Pajama Party

Get comfy! Relax together in your coziest pajamas. Add one of the ideas listed above and we can assure a successful girls’ night.