1. Reach for the Sky!

Stretching first thing in the morning is a great way to wake up your muscles. It allows for a boost of energy without having to get out of bed! Reach for the sky! Elongate your arms, arch your back, close your eyes, and inhale. Hold it. Now, exhale. Ahhhhhh.

2. Write Down a Goal for the Day

Motivate yourself to complete one goal every day. We can assure self-satisfaction and accomplishment once you check it off. We commend you!

3. Fuel Your Body

Starting your morning off with a balanced breakfast filled with whole grains and fruit will keep you feeling energized and upbeat throughout the day.

4. Move It and Groove It

Let’s break a sweat! Even just 10 minutes of exercise to start off the morning increases your metabolism and strengthens your body. Keep it movin’!

5. Positive Reminder

Throughout your day, take a minute or two to remind yourself of the things that are important to you. Positive reminders like this help keep a smile on your face all day long.