1. Drive-In Movie Theater

Grab a blanket and a friend and you are set! Drive-ins are a fun way to sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie. The scenery isn’t so bad, either! Don’t forget to pack your favorite sips and sweets.

2. Sink Your Teeth into Your Favorite Slice of Fruit

Whether it be a watermelon, strawberry, orange, or another favorite fruit, sink your teeth into it! It’s healthy and refreshing, and a great way to enjoy a hot summer day. Yum!

3. Water Balloon Fight!

Splish splash! Cool off with a bucket of water balloons. Grab your friends and get ready to get wet and LAUGH! Have fun in the sun!

4. Build a Sand Castle

Head to the nearest beach with your sand castle equipment. Re-live those childhood memories with your best creation of a sand castle.

5. Road Trip to a New Destination

Route 66, anyone? Pack up and go! Fill the car with snacks, sunscreen, and friends. Maybe a change of clothes, too! Ride to your next adventure wherever that may be. Whether it be across the country, across town, or someplace in between, get ready for a journey of fun. Happy travels!