1. Wear a Different Color

Spice it up! Adding a color that you aren’t used to allows you to broaden your horizons in your wardrobe and seek your inner confidence. Make the most of that bright orange top you have hanging in the back of your closet. You never know what might spark from it!

2. Create a Sanctuary

Whether it be at home or work, find a space that allows you to unwind. Create a corner of peace or a room of imagination. Put things in there that make you happy. Having a spot to call your own makes for a great sanctuary.

3. Breathe/Meditate/Yoga

Take some time each day, week, or month to sit back, relax, and breathe. Down time is essential to maintain a positive, healthy, and creative mind.

4. Submerse Yourself in Creativity

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes depending on who you are. Whether you are trying something new, or sticking to what you know best, submersing yourself in creativity challenges the brain to adapt/maintain techniques and obstacles. Whether it be painting, dancing, playing music, we challenge you to get creative.

5. Create a Journal

Creating a journal is a great way to release all of your thoughts in a healthy and safe way. Write it all down. Finish it now or come back to it later. A journal is your creative mind on pages. Fill it!

6. Surround Yourself with People Who Encourage You

Engaging with the ones who make you smile, laugh, encourage, and empower you each and every day are the ones who make your soul sparkle. Having healthy relationships with the ones you care about is a great way to nourish your mind and stay happy.

7. Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Why not do things that you love? Do it because it makes you happy and you find yourself enjoying every second of it. That’s passion. Love what you do! It’s worth it.