1. Try it with Someone You Know and Trust

Having a friend or family member there to help guide and motivate you along the way helps you stay positive and on-track. It’s a great bonding technique and allows you both to make memories together. If you ever have a question or concern, lean on your partner for suggestions. Two minds are better than one.


2. Map Out Your Plan of Execution and Proceed

Planning how/when/where you will try this new “something” minimizes the mess of figuring out what to do next. Lose the headache of confusion by organizing what the steps are in order to successfully accomplish your goal. It’s worth it!


3. Take Pictures and Have Fun!

Take pictures for you to share with others! Show off what you’re doing and who’s helping you. Inspire others to step outside their comfort zone to try something new. Who knows? You might be the one guiding/helping someone next!

Repeat steps 1-3 each time you’re trying something new. You’ll master it in no time!