Do you love what you see in the mirror?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and your first thoughts were negative?

How many times has the word “hate” come across after glancing in the mirror at yourself?

More than a few? Many people are guilty of self-shaming when they see their reflection, whether it be about their weight, hair, acne, or even their nose.

Here are a few interesting facts about what happens when we look in the mirror:

1. Distracted Perception: Your brain always modifies the images you see before you see them.

2. You see what you are scared of.

3. You focus on what you don’t like.

4. Discarding important data: When you dislike a person you usually overlook all the good things he/she does and only focus on the bad ones. The same kind of deletion happens with your face and body.

5. Your mood affects the way you see things.

Check out where we got these facts here

Self-love is a practice that must be learned on a daily basis. This is where we challenge YOU. This is the “Mirror Rule,” and here are YOUR rules:

For the next thirty-one days, we want you to look in the mirror, stop, and think. Look yourself in the eye and say ONLY positive things about yourself.

“I LOVE my outfit!” “I am beautiful.” “I feel really good.” “I am STRONG!”

There may be a moment where something negative may arise in your head. No worries. Simply stop, think, and re-direct the situation. End on a high note.

Here’s to the next thirty-one days, self-love, and happiness. We believe in YOU!