Darwin Elementary School 


Our second to last Pop-up Workshop took place at Darwin Elementary School. This was our first year visiting this particular school and we absolutely enjoyed it! We were assigned the "Peace Room" which at Darwin, it's known as a safe space for all students.

 This room couldn't have been more perfect to have had the pop-up workshop! The students felt extremely comfortable sharing their thoughts regarding self-esteem and finding outfits that best represented their personal style! 

Take a look!

Foundations College Prep
By Marissa Surrusco

As the new styling intern at My Favorite Outfit I was able to participate in the last pop-up workshop of the school-year. The pop-up workshop took place at Foundations College Prep located in Chicago’s Southside. From the moment the girls walked into the room, I was able to feel their excitement to participate in activities that included volunteer stylists and fashion! The pop-up workshop started with a short introduction of MFO, followed by a quick introduction of each individual participating at the workshop. Each person there was asked to say their name followed by a word that best represented themselves. Some of the most popular adjectives the students described themselves as, were confident, creative, respectful, and goofy. Hearing the students describe themselves with such positive words triggered me to smile so much!

As the students worked one-one-one with their volunteer stylists I was able to capture some great pictures in action. Take a peak! 

A special thank you to ALL volunteers who participated at the last two workshops! You all did a fabulous job working with the students and teaching them all about self-love, self-acceptance and helping them shop!