1. Mix It Up

Mixing something up in your day helps you obtain new experiences and brings upon excitement. Whether it be switching your routine or trying a new hobby, these new practices will help refresh your mind with something unexpected and fun!

2. Take a Day Off

Everyone deserves it and everyone needs it! Take a day off to enjoy something you LOVE. This will guide you to a peaceful state of mind while hitting that “restart” button.

3. Laugh

Get together with people who make you laugh. They aren’t kidding when they say, “Laughter is the best medicine!”

4. Prioritize

Having a cluttered schedule leads to a cluttered mind. Prioritize your day to what suits your needs the best and you will relieve unwanted stress that comes throughout the day.

5. Plan a Getaway

Whether it be a day trip or a week vacation, a getaway with loved ones, friends, or even by yourself, is a great way to detox your mind and have some fun! You will come back refreshed and energized for weeks to come.