Everyday is a perfect day to set a new goal. Rain or shine, we’ve all got time to set aside to think about what we would like to accomplish next. Here are 3 tips to the beginner’s guide to goal setting.

1. Nothing is Impossible When You Put Your Mind to It

“Be realistic,” they say. We say, “Scratch that!” In our opinion, any goal is worth going after. Never sell yourself short. Anything is possible with hard work and dedication. We are rooting for you, just like everyone else. Get after it! Today is a new day.

2. Write it Down & Place It Where You Can See It

Writing down your goal(s) not only makes you accountable for your actions, but reminds you of them and gets you excited about it. Place your reminder in a spot where you can see it throughout the day. It’ll keep you motivated and remind of you of why you are doing it in the first place.

3. Reward Yourself

Sometimes we can get sidetracked and forget about the fact that it’s O.K. to reward yourself for your hard work. Your reward is up to you, but make sure to do it. It’ll keep you on track and help you maintain a positive attitude. Have fun with it! You deserve it.