My Favorite Outfit's first clothing drive is this Sunday, and I am overwhelmed with all of the support. People from the city to the burbs are getting involved by donating clothes, shoes, and jewelry.  In Cook Country alone there are over 200,000 girls who live in low-income households and do not have the resources to purchase essentials. In our first year we set a lofty goal to outfit 15,000 of these girls. 

Supporters and donors are key to ensuring we make an impact and outfit these girls with clothing and confidence! One donor who has been an amazing support (hi Julie!) said to me, 'I am thrilled to donate clothes to people who really need it...makes me feel good all over, I can only imagine how you feel.' Another donor is just as excited, 'Happy to support a wonderful organization!' And another, 'So proud of you! You go girl!' 

I can not wait to get started on this journey and to take all of you with me along for the ride! Here's to MOF's mission to provide underprivileged girls with clothing and confidence.