On January 29 we spent the day with nine amazing young ladies who are involved in Youth Guidance's Working on Womanhood program. Through their work and commitment to W.O.W., which emphasizes self-awareness, emotional intelligence, healthy leadership, visionary goal setting, and leadership, the girls were invited to Washington D.C. by none other than Michelle Obama! 

The girls, who attend Bowen High School, did not have the resources to purchase clothing for their trip and that's where My Favorite Outfit came into play. We handpicked dresses, coats, shoes, bags, and jewelry for each girl so she was set with two new outfits and the confidence to match. 

Bowen student Claire Sinvil expressed exactly what we were hoping for, 'The new outfit I'm in right now, [makes me] feel beautiful and fabulous, so I love it!' Watch her say it for herself.