At just 22, Caitlin Lee of Public Lives, Secret Recipes has has created one of the most eye-catching and mouth-watering blog accounts to date. She’s constantly dreaming up new recipes that range from rainbow cakes adorned with lollipops to strawberries covered in rice krispies and marshmallows, and we can’t get enough! However, before launching her blog, one feeling (or lack thereof) was holding her back: confidence. 

Caitlin revealed, “Starting any new project is daunting…especially when it means putting it out there for the world to judge. It took a while for me to build up the confidence to start Public Lives, Secret Recipes. I kept thinking what if people don’t like it? What if this post is a flop? What if, what if…” Luckily for us and all of her fans, she soon realized it’s not about what others may think. Bringing imaginative new recipes to life is what she loves doing so she went for it! 

She credits a large part of her success to her solid support system. Her mom, and role model, always taught her to be her own biggest fan and to ‘just do it’. In fact, it was her friends’ and family’s encouragement that inspired her to begin blogging. For all of the love and support Caitlin receives, she gives just as much back! In PLSR, she profiles notable people’s own favorite recipes and what makes them special. 

Caitlin’s Favorite Outfit

Adidas sneakersleather pantssweaterchambray button downRay Ban aviatorsMichele Lee bracelet (click links to get her look)

“My favorite outfit gives me tons of support both physically and mentally.” The bracelet she wears everyday was designed by her mom. “Every time I look down to stir the batter or roll out the dough I see my…bracelet and am reminded of the love and support my mentors have given me.” 

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