In 2015, we donated a ton of clothes. 


1,225 PIECES TO BE EXACT... 206 exceptional students whose lives will be forever impacted. 


The Stats

Butler College Prep students at a My Favorite Outfit pop-up boutique on November 13, 2015. 

Butler College Prep students at a My Favorite Outfit pop-up boutique on November 13, 2015. 


Student Quotes

My favorite part was when I got to bond with the other girls. You had improved my self-esteem by the end of the event.
— Karlene, 12th grader, Orr High School
I felt very appreciated and I felt very grateful that people can do such nice things for others.
— Noemi, 12th grader, John Hancock College Prep
It improved my self-esteem because it showed me that whatever my style is it amazing because it’s my own.
— Karen, 8th grader, Morton School of Excellence

Anatomy of a Pop-Up Boutique

Up to 30 students are allowed to attend a pop-up boutique. We prefer to keep the groups smaller to foster a safe and welcoming environment. 

Pop-ups begin with a lesson on self-esteem building, and the girls are given time to identify and share what they're most proud of and like about themselves. 

Students are then divided into groups of four for a team building exercise, which we refer to as shopping showdown. Each team has to dress their members according to a specific prompt using clothing from the pop-up. This allows girls to focus on the game instead of any insecurities they may be experiencing in the moment. It also breaks up existing cliques and allows girls from varying grade levels to interact. 

To finish the event, students have free time to pick out six free articles of clothing with the help of MFO staff and volunteers. Cue clothes flying everywhere! 





Our School Partners

Percentage Low-Income Students


Name of School

Bowen High School
Gary Comer Middle School
Irving Washington Elementary
Dodge Renaissance Academy
Morton School of Excellence
Milwaukee School of Languages
Simpson Academy for Young Women
Orr High School
Butler College Prep
McNair Elementary
Irving Elementary
John Hancock College Prep


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