Do you remember what middle school was like? You probably recall many hard times wrapped up in your most cherished memories. Today, middle school in Chicago can be even tougher, especially for girls.

7th Grader Amaria at a MFO Pop-Up Boutique

7th Grader Amaria at a MFO Pop-Up Boutique

Meet 7th grader Amaria. Amaria had a difficult transition into middle school. Her teachers noticed she was attending fewer days of schools, acting distracted in class, and her usually ambitious personality was subsiding.

Amaria fell victim to the many peer pressures of middle school and ultimately lost herself under the weight of fitting into someone else’s idea of who she should be. This pressure caused her to lose her sense of self-worth, her self-esteem to plummet and her insecurities to soar.

Fortunately, Amaria’s teacher selected her to attend a My Favorite Outfit (MFO) Pop-Up Boutique. Amaria recaptured her individuality and improved her self-esteem by learning the difference between self-expression and self-objectification to find her own personal style.

Amaria put the lessons to practice when she and 29 of her classmates were able to ‘shop’ for a new outfit among the 200 items of clothing brought to her school by MFO.

“The pop-up was special for me because it was my first time shopping and having a say in what I like. I learned that it’s ok to not fit into a mold and that I’m happier just being me!”

Today, Amaria is a well-adjusted, confident 8th grader who is eager for high school and dreams of becoming a doctor one day. Amaria shared, “I want to give everyone who made the program possible the biggest hug in the world!”

As you can see, My Favorite Outfit’s programs use fashion and self-esteem building to empower at-risk girls to succeed in school.

The problem is, there are 1,000s more Amarias who need this kind of boost.

You probably have a favorite outfit – a “go-to” look that you just know works for you. You feel confident, put together, professional, and you know you look good. When you’re in that outfit, you know you can conquer the world.

Every girl needs that “one” outfit. You can help girls like Amaria boost their self-confidence.

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