We achieve our mission through two programs: Pop-Up Workshop and Fashion 101. 

♥ Pop-Up Workshop

Pop-up workshops address low self-esteem in at-risk middle school girls, one of the largest issues facing girls in America. Pop-up workshops empower students to boost their self-esteem.  Students learn about:

  • The link between self-esteem and the way we dress
  • Self-expression vs. self-objectification
  • Reclaiming their individuality by finding their personal style

The program incentivizes students to attend school more regularly by giving them access to the MFO pop-up boutique, a temporary store constructed in a school classroom where students can 'shop' for clothing at no cost. Every student chooses an outfit [six or more articles of clothing) that makes her feel confident and represents her individuality.

Read about 7th grader Amaria's experience in a Pop-Up Workshop

♥ Fashion 101

The largest issue for at-risk high schoolers is a lack of personalized guidance to set goals, find a mentor, and develop collaborative skills to excel in a team environment.

My Favorite Outfit’s after-school fashion program engages underserved youth in a guided learning experience. With support from mentors and MFO staff, students are immersed in fashion education that opens pathways to college fashion programs, provides a clear direction for students’ futures, and welcomes them into a community that will support them long after high school graduation.

Learn more about Fashion 101.